the Cultural Gap

DaleyTang can help you create a strategic advantage by unlocking the common barriers to success so your business thrives in international markets.

About DaleyTang

Our Mission

DaleyTang is a strategic advisory and investment management firm based in the United States and China that helps its partners identify, access and execute international market opportunities. 

Companies and organizations around the world are constantly in search of opportunities to expand into new markets. Successful execution of these opportunities requires familiarity with local institutions and understanding of the cultural landscape. DaleyTang has developed on the ground expertise across industries and regions to help organizations identify global opportunities and translate those opportunities into successful outcomes.

The firm has also developed a deep network of relationships worldwide and is able to assemble leading players to achieve strategic objectives.

DaleyTang operates from offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Shanghai. Its co-founders and managing partners are Richard M. Daley, the longest serving mayor in Chicago's history and Donald Tang, vice chairman of Quantum Reservoir Impact and former vice chairman and Asia CEO of Bear, Stearns and Co.

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    Investment Management

    Institutions and individuals engage DaleyTang to identify, evaluate and manage global investment opportunities.

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    Demand Pull

    Organizations around the world use DaleyTang to implement global best practices, acquire intellectual property and procure international customers and clients.

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    Demand Push

    Businesses rely on DaleyTang to enter into and grow their presence within new markets.

What We Do

DaleyTang possesses deep operational and financial know-how across a variety of industries together with an extensive network of private and public relationships.

Identify, execute and manage global investment opportunities.

Corporations, family offices and high net-worth individuals around the world are investing into international markets in order to diversify, preserve and build capital and assets. At DaleyTang, we provide advisory and investment services to help our partners develop effective investment strategies and identify strong investment opportunities. We also help our partners manage the investment process both during and after a transaction.

DaleyTang has assembled a strategic network of best-in-class financial service providers globally. We assemble teams that best position our partners to deploy capital across a variety of asset classes with consideration to asset class, risk profile, regulatory matters and ongoing portfolio management.

Bring in best practices, intellectual property and customers from around the world.

Businesses and other organizations around the world are constantly looking to become more competitive in the global economy. At DaleyTang, we help our partners access institutions and markets abroad in order to strengthen their core business. Our firm helps its partners implement global best practices, acquire valuable intellectual property and procure international customers and clients.

DaleyTang has advisory expertise and strategic partnerships across a wide variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, sustainability and real estate. We not only develop the approach to help our partners grow, but also structure relationships with other partners across the world in order to deliver results.

Extend reach and improve outcomes in global marketplace.

Companies small and large are focused on expanding their businesses into new territories. In order to successfully enter those markets, companies must have a keen understanding of the local competitive and regulatory landscape. At DaleyTang, we provide our partners with a competitive advantage in their efforts to expand into new markets by providing them with a strategic plan for entry and on the ground support to help ensure achievement of desired results.

We also act as a bridge to help our partners overcome the cultural challenges that exist in international commerce. The firm has extensive relationships in local markets throughout the world which it is able to mobilize in order to yield more successful outcomes.